Vacancy 5th June 2017

We currently have a a vacancy for an experienced Precision Engineer / Machinist. The type of experience we are looking for means it is likely that an applicant may well be over 50 years old! The main immediate skill set is CNC miller/lathe setter / operator that is computer literate, but we do so much more than that. Below is a list of skills an ideal applicant would have (How many boxs can you tick?):
Experienced CNC Miller 3 axis - heidenhain controls (primary need)
Experienced CNC Miller 4 axis - heidenhain controls (useful need)
Experienced CNC Lathe operator - Fanuc OT Controls (primary need)
Experienced manual Lathe / mill / machinist (primary need)
CNC programming 3D (OneCNC, but other toolpath generating software is a good start)
CAD design programming 3D (Solidworks, OneCNC, capable skillset but not expert)
MIG Welding / light fabrication (occasional work)
TIG Welding (Stainless steel / steel occasional work. This would be a very useful skillset for us)
Silver Solder (For Brass assemblies, about a days work a month)
PC literate (Difficult to use CAD/CAM if you are not)

An applicant needs to be fit and healthy, and able undertake typical machine shop activities involving lifting raw materials, tools, and able to reach for tool changing etc. Eyesight (corrected with glasses is fine), colour perception and hearing must be good for obvious machine shop safety reasons. (Sense of humour also useful). An applicant does need to be vigorous (wandering around thinking about something else is decidedly unhelpful!), hard working and able to produce work to a high standard without constant supervision, so self motivated? - yes. A future owner of the company...maybe...

We don't (can't) pay top dollar, but we can offer a highly varied and interesting job, where the last thing you would be doing is standing in front of one machine making the same component day in day out. Our longest runs are around 3 days, but whilst we get a lot of repeat orders from routine Customers, when they come in is anyone's guess. We also get a lot of walk-ins, with "can you fix that" type of challenges that results in a fair amount of head scratching. Some of our assemblies we have designed here from scratch, and supply to prestige Customers, and an applicant would often be involved with end to end from scrappy paper (or 3D model) to final item.

Finally I guess it has to be someone (male or female) who actually enjoys making or fixing things, most often from raw materials, rather than just looking for a job, and who has a friendly disposition as we are a small team, so the applicant would be a major player in it. If you feel you might fit in, and be prepared to learn if your skillset doesn't quite match, then we would like to hear from you, particularly if you are relatively local to Henfield.

Dave Stanton
Tel: 01273 495950