Privacy Policy

This policy statement explains how Venture Precision Engineering Ltd manages information supplied by you, the Customer, in the course of our business dealings.

This statement also lists what we do and don't do with this information, and explains your right to see this information at any time.

Personal information

When you place an order, we raise a Customer record on our accounting system that will hold name, address and contact details.

What we do with this information

We store this information using an on-line accounting system on a secure server so that we can keep a record of your purchase for accounting purposes, and so that we can send you an invoice or receipt of your order, and if agreed the items ordered.

We may also use your contact details to contact you regarding current, past or potential future purchases from us to support business need.

In the event you choose to settle an outstanding invoice using a Credit or Debit Card, your personal information is passed to our Card Processor "Nochex", to their secure payment server, so that they can verify your identity for the purposes of making your credit/debit card transaction. Nochex do not give, sell or rent your details to any third party for marketing purposes.

What we do not do with this information

We do not give, sell or rent any of your personal information to any third party under any circumstances. The only other company we share your information with is Nochex so that your credit/debit card transaction can be completed.

We do not send unsolicited commercial email ("spam") to your email address.

Viewing your personal information

You can, at any time, contact us to request full details of your personal information that we have recorded.
Credit/Debit Card Information

We do not retain Credit / Debit Card details following payment by Paypal, however Paypal terms and conditions apply with such payments.