Venture Precision Engineering Ltd

Machine Shop

We are a small friendly company based in Henfield, West Sussex, working in the light engineering market for machined parts, assemblies and fabricated items. We also undertake modification and repairs to existing parts and assemblies at our premises.

We specialise in prototype and small batch production, ie from 1 off to 2000 odd, working with Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals including Aluminium, Mild and Stainless Steel, Heat Resistant Super Alloys, Cast Iron, and Brass as well as Engineering Plastics.

(We have a vacancy for an experienced Precision Engineer - please see the Vacancies Page)

We have the capability in house to undertake:

Acetal in house designed components

Precision milling (2D & 3D) on our 3 CNC machining centres
Precision CNC turning (2D) on our 2 CNC lathes
CAD/CAM Development (Solidworks / OneCNC)
General manual lathe work (to general or high precision)
General manual milling work
MIG welding, brazing and silver soldering
Low volume Bead blasting

Aluminium parts machined from solid

Our CNC machines are programmed from top of the range CAM software for Lathe and Mill from OneCNC, supported by Solidworks 2015 as our primary CAD package, which allows us to generate or import from Customers their simple or complex 2D, and more usually their 3D solid CAD models.

Customers who generate their own CAD, then outsource production, will realise this is not a simple process,with incongruities usually rife between their own software and that of the production company. Our powerful combination of software lets us address such problems as they arise, in house, and to work with the Customer to ensure that they are resolved as quickly as possible.

CAD Model Low Pressure Oxygen Accumulator

We can further assist with development of a part or assembly, taking an idea or rough draft to a final part that can be produced, supported by deliverable CAD drawings and files if necessary.

Typical work for us includes:

Aluminium Casing machined from solid

CAD/CAM Development (Solidworks 2015 / OneCNC Mill Expert / OneCNC Lathe)
Turning and milling specialist flanges, fittings and adapters
Production of threaded metal and plastic parts
Milling 3D multi-radiused features eg for patterns for injection moulding tools
Production of general fixtures and fittings
Construction of machinery components (eg shafts, rotors, end plates, mountings, levers)
Development and production of replacements for obsolete parts / assemblies
Light Fabrication (often of parts we have produced)
Supply of material cut to specifications

Aluminium parts machined from solid

Production of special Bolts, Nuts, Adapters, Washers and Inserts etc
Productionisation of a Customer Design Concept to include Documentation and /or Manufacture. This service supports Customers who do not have advanced CAD systems, and frequently involves the production of 3D solid CAD models of several parts, mated together to show a final 3D assembly that allows assessment by the Customer of the finished assembly before any material is cut. This is of particular benefit where subsequent specialist mathematical analysis is required (eg component stress / strain / performance) before committing to expensive tooling or protoype machining.
Advice and Assistance to Customers on machining processes, capability and techniques including research into potential design and production solutions

Aluminium casing machined from solid

We subcontract operations outside our scope locally where possible, (eg laser cutting, sheet metal folding, galvanising, hardening, EDM wire cutting), so we can offer a complete production service if required, with minimal shipping charges.

We have a large and varied Customer Base built up over 18 years of business, with Customers ranging from well known Corporations (some overseas), to start-up Companies, to clubs and institutions.

Acetal part produced on 4 axis Ajax CNC Mill

Being a small business offers us great flexibility, and usually lets us offer competitive prices.

If you would like to know more, or would like us to discuss a job with you, please see our Contact details page.